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The Curious Case of Miracle Berry

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Imagine this: you’re reaching for a cup of your favorite smoothie or your ultimate comfort food after a long day at work. Only to find the taste rather bland. You find yourself dealing with the disappointment quietly with your cravings for sweetness unsatisfied. You tuck yourself to bed uneasy.

A horror story, we know.

But it doesn’t have to be that way everyday.

Spice it up with a miraculously taste-modifying fruit that enhances the flavor of any food.

Here goes miracle berry - the natural alternative that turns anything sour to sweet. Miracle berries change the way you taste any drink, dessert or savory food. What tastes sour or bitter becomes naturally sweet thanks to the taste-bending proteins that give you a rewarding reversal experience.

So what’s the case with this miracle berry?

In an earlier blog, we painted a quick picture of how this works:

To understand how the miracle berry plays good tricks on your taste buds - think about your tongue. They’re covered with these clusters of taste-sensitive cells. Now each cell has a membrane covered with proteins that function like your doorbells.

When a trigger, say a molecule in the food that you just ate or the drink you just drank - hits these doorbells, a message is sent from these cells to your brain. From that point, it’s a sensation of madness. You are bound to taste either the sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness, or for some - umami.

And what of the miracle fruit? There is a substance responsible for these weird effects and it is the glycoprotein that is aptly named as miraculin.

This miraculin attaches itself to your tongue as a leech does to a wall or a caterpillar to a leaf. This protein is initially imperceptible or difficult to distinguish taste-wise until something acidic enters your mouth. It can be a slice of lemon, a Sunkist, or salt-and-vinegar chips.

Here goes the interesting part: the PH drop that this acidic food cause changes the shape of the miraculin. This is the ultimate secret that activates your tongue’s sweet receptor by changing the shape of these very receptors. This is why instead of the expected sourness, you taste the sweetness instead. That’s the taste-bending experience you have come to know with the miracle berry.

Now, try it for yourself.

Richberry miracle berries are pure miracle berries. To get the fullest of these taste-altering effects, simply chew one or two halves of Richberry. Let your taste buds absorb the sensation.

Then try sucking a lemon. You’d be surprised at what happens next. The lemon now tastes closer to candy or a good, old, sweet lemonade. Try a piece of onion or place a drop of vinegar on your tongue. Any common food or drink will taste differently - the great kind of different. This effect will last anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour.

Someone once said that the human tongue is not a blank state. Now, the wonderful properties of miracle berries make for a memorable experience in taste and sensation.

Richberry is available on Amazon, Shopee, and our website.

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