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  • Q.1 What is in the pack?
    Each pack contains 10 servings which contains 10 miracle berries in halves or 5 whole freeze-dried miracle berries $9.99 each pack. 1 serving is equivalent to half berry deseeded which weigh 0.1g each
  • Q.2 Does this product really work?
    The effectiveness of this product is 100% proven by many. The freeze-dried forms are tasted amongst many enthusiasts and everyone has experienced the same effect. However, the intensity may vary from one person to another.
  • Q.3 Is the product safe?
    richberry is absolutely safe as it has been used since the seventeen hundreds in West Africa and so far there were no reports of any side effect (apart from the ability to change sour foods to taste sweet) from the use of miracle berry. Moreover, the berry is naturally cultivated in a safe environment. in fact, we use an organic substance to fertilize our produce which doesn’t contain any harmful effect.
  • Q.4 What is the difference between freeze-dried Miracle Berry, Miracle Berry tablets and Fresh Berries?"
    The fresh miracle berries have a short shelf life for around 48 hours depending on the condition as miraculin the active ingredient does not last long once the berry is harvested. The freeze-dried berries are as great as the fresh miracle berries and could last up to 20 years following the right storage instructions. The tablets are freeze-dried form but has binders to keep it in a tablet form which in return does not make a 100% miracle berry as a result.
  • Q.5 Best foods to try with this berry?
    It can show the best results with any sour products. But, it can also be taken with bitter or acidic foods too. Apples and hard cheeses can show best results. It also effective with lemon juice vinegar. The sweet taste will simply blow your mind.
  • Q.6 How long does it take for a package to arrive after it has been dispatched?
    Orders placed before 2 pm from Monday to Friday are dispatched the next day using 1st Class mail service internationally. However, it may take from 3 to 14 working days to reach the destination after being dispatched. Fees may also vary depending on the destination. Shipping fee of all orders in the Philippines are free of charge.
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