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richberry Beet Nik

A cleansing and refreshing drink which is created to remove all of the debris blocking up your system. It is good for your digestive tract and cleansing your liver for quicker, easier fat metabolism. Very nutritious minus the use of sugar. Pair this with richberry by chewing the miracle berry while preparing your beet nik. Enjoy this drink and its surprising goodness with richberry's miracle berry.


  • 95g (3 cups) of spinach

  • 130g (2 stalks) of celery

  • 460g (8 medium) carrots

  • 178g (1 whole) beet

  • 184g (1 medium) apple


Simply chop all the ingredients into small chunks and add them to your juicer. Blend the mix until smooth and serve cold.

Consume Miracle Berry:

Just before digging in, chew 1 or more freeze-dried miracle berry (this can also be done during the preparation of ingredients). Ensure to remove pits to avoid a bitter taste.


The active ingredient miraculin from miracle berry will turn sour foods such as lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, non-fat yoghurt and other citrus food to taste sweet without adding sugar. We recommend two halves or 2 servings for maximum effectiveness. Make sure to follow instructions from the back of the packaging.

Calorie savings:

2 tablespoon sugar 96 calories

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