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What is Miraculin?

If you have heard about Miracle Berries, chances are you have heard about a component called miraculin. Miraculin is the natural component inside of miracle berries that is responsible for its amazing power to make sour foods taste sweet. Remember, Miracle Berries are completely natural. They grow on a plant in the tropics and when you eat the berry it causes any kind of sour foods such as lemons or limes to taste sweet instead of sour. This is entirely due to the component called miraculin. The Miracle Berry has a very low sugar content in and of itself. It tastes a little bit sweet, but it's really not that sweet. When it does is render any sour food as a sweet food instead of sour. The miraculin in the Miracle Berry actually ends up binding and blocking the taste receptors that make you taste sour. It's actually a very miraculous and natural process that nature has given us so that we can avoid sugary foods.

Why You Should Use the Sweet Berry

There's really no reason why you shouldn't try the sweet berry that everybody is talking about, Miracle Berries. This sweet berry is so helpful for anyone who is trying to watch their weight, or who would just like to enjoy the benefits of eating sour foods without having that sour taste. There are many benefits to using this sweet berry. For one, lemons and limes and other sour foods have many health benefits. However, it's very challenging to try to eat or drink those foods without getting that awful sour taste. When you use the sweet berry, you can enjoy the benefits of lemons and limes and other sour foods and enjoy a sweet taste instead of a sour taste. Isn't that a good reason to use the sweet berry?

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