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Our story

Founded in 2001, from one seed to now more than 20,000 fully grown plants. We are a small family with an agricultural business based in the Philippines, we produce ‘miracle berries’ (synsepalum dulcificum) - a fruit that makes sour food taste sweet. We value the way how society moves forward - and such, there is a growing consensus that a vigorous style of consuming healthy food such as organic fruits and vegetables is increasing. We aim to offer a healthier way of enjoying dessert or fruit juices without the need for added sugar or sweetener.

Richberry is a start-up company that thrives on its way of growing high-quality and organic miracle fruit plants. We have established our three-hectare land with about two thousand trees since 2001 in a sophisticated soil 3,740 feet above sea level in the small town of Goa, Camarines Sur  Philippines. Although the idea of planting miracle berry started in 2001, it took us miles of trials and errors to create a quality result. Now, we aim to go forth and move on to the next phase of planting more plants in the year forward. With the help of our family and friends as well as our local community, we can achieve to produce and create a better world through the use of miracle berries. We aim to deliver an innovative resort that could improve the quality of life of people.


Health is an essential aspect of life as well as the air we breathe, with our organic miracle berry, we are promoting a healthy lifestyle and well-being for everyone. This extraordinary fruit has a miraculous result, and we want to spread that to the world. Our goal is to provide high-quality miracle berries to our neighbourhood and to give a high quality of life for our lovely friends who would like to enjoy their dessert without the need for any added sugar. In return, we also value to reduce carbon footprint in our precious earth and to plant more miracle berry trees in the future.

Our mission

Richberry is a company whose fundamentals are based on the importance of innovation and the aspiration to give others a better lifestyle. We exist to create a fun experience, supporting our communities, reducing carbon footprint, promoting environmental awareness by planting more trees, and make a difference by creating meaningful relationship with those around us, one miracle berry at a time.

Our vision

Richberry envisages to provide a revolutionary way of consuming food by the use of miracle berries. With the help of our farmers and employees, as well as the people around us, our companies core values come from each one of our employees’ integrity and desire to do ethical business. Respect, alongside enjoying every task with less stress and to grow more to provide more than what is expected aligned to our customer’s needs.

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