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Freeze-dried Miracle Berry vs Miracle Berry Tablet

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Not a lot of people know that there is more than one way to achieve the effects of the miracle berry. Of course, it is a given that our freeze-dried berries are the actual fruit berries, but others do not know that there is also a tablet form that can be consumed that is rumored to have similar effects. These tablets are made of the miracle berries themselves, but are they practically the same thing? Or do they differ in some way, and if they do, how so? Let’s find all that out as we go through the pros and cons of both the fruit and the tablet as I give you a play-by-play on a little experiment I did to determine whether there is indeed a difference between the miracle berry and the miracle berry tablet.

In order to compare both products, I’ve had to test them both separately for two days, using the same exact food for both tests. Then, I evaluated the effects based on effectivity, intensity, and duration of effect. I also did not do this experiment alone, I gathered two more people to join me, so as to have a second and third opinion. On the first day, we tried the freeze-dried miracle berries and then, the miracle berry tablets on the second day. The food we included were citrusy fruits like lemon, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, and strawberries. We also included sour tape candies and some foods that were not at all sour (like cooked ham) just to see what happens.

A lot of factors in taste-testing may vary from person to person, but for this experiment, the findings by the participants have all been more or less unanimous to a certain extent. We all found that both the miracle berries and the miracle berry tablets have an equal effectivity. They both can eliminate sour tastes in full success.

As for the intensity of the effect, we unanimously found that the miracle berry has just a little bit more intense effect compared to the miracle berry tablet. Although they both have the same intensity when eating sour food, we discovered the difference in intensity when we tried out the food that wasn’t sour. The difference is with the tablet, the food just tastes bland, but with the actual fruit, it heightens other senses like mouthfeels. For instance, when we tried out the tablet then consumed cooked ham, all it did was remove the saltiness, which means it was just really bland. Whereas with the fruit, the heightened the texture which felt like we were eating a gelatinous piece that quickly melted into flavorless goo.

Last but not least, we compared the duration of the effects between fruit and tablet. This was a bit more tricky since the duration of the effect also varies from person to person. But we were still able to come up with unanimous findings somehow. For the tablet, two out of the three participants experienced the effect for half an hour while the third participant experienced it for 45 minutes. As for the fruit, all participants experienced full effects for an hour and a half, while one out of three of us continued to taste residual effects for another hour on top of that.

In conclusion, based on the small experiment that was conducted, there are very minimal differences between the miracle berry fruit and tablet which can be narrowed down to just the effect duration. However, the slight difference does give the fruit an edge over the tablet. With that said, to experience the longer effect duration, try out our freeze-dried miracle berries. Buy now!

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