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A Berry That Reduces Added Sugar in Your Diet

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Taste is one side and quality is the other, and in one sense, the majority of persons link a lot this sensation with pleasure. A lot of us are ready to consume food, no matter how harmful it may be, as long as it tastes great. This trend created a dilemma for our society nowadays at least to a running majority.

About 45% of Americans are expected to be obese before the year 2030 comes along, based on postulations. If we continue without successful interventions, there could be around 65 million more obese adults in the USA alone. This means that ailments related to obesity such as heart disease and diabetes will increase significantly too.

The high rate of obesity is not situated solely in the United States, as the global obesity rates have increased so much that they have more than doubled over time. These figures are known by a lot of consumers, but the need for sweet foods haven't stopped them from consuming more as well as the consumption of high cholesterol foods, and unhealthy sugar or even artificial sweetener. Since the cravings can't be stopped, what can be done?

There have been studies that showed the positive effect of consuming miracle berries. states that;

“A study by Inglett & Chen, carried out in 2011 about this fruit, confirms the improvement of insulin resistance induced by the intake of this food. It’s therefore that the miracle fruit can be used as a supplement for the treatment of diabetic patients."

This is where ‘Miracle Berries’ can be recognized as a big possible way to aid for diabetes. Since we want sweet foods, miracle berries can make any sour food sweet such as making a home-made strawberry ice cream or raspberry cake could satisfy our craving with way less sweet sugar per serving. A significant aspect is that the berries are additionally healthy. This means that junk foods and processed foods no longer have to be consumed before you can satisfy your sugar cravings.

With the Miracle berries, that healthy diet that you wouldn't have eaten before because of its vile and bitter taste can quickly be consumed. This is because the protein in the miracle berries, Miraculin, turns that sour taste to a sweet taste.

How does it work?

Your tongue has a lot of diverse kinds of receptors, which respond to different tastes. Sweet receptors respond to sugar only, ignoring bitter foods. When you eat Miracle berry, the miraculin coats our receptors, altering their shape, and forcing them to react to any sour food you eat, no matter how sour it is approximately up to 2 pH.

This means that your tongue makes you feel that the sour food is sweet.

Why then do you need unhealthy sugar? Since miracle berries make any food sweet, this means that unhealthy sugar that affects and the body is no longer much needed.

I am not saying avoid sugar, as we need some sort of sugar, but a question should always arise do we actually need a lump of sugar for the sake of its taste, or would I consider miracle berry to enjoy my home-made dessert.

Miraculin offers the sweet fix that a lot of persons crave, and that's not all, it comes with far-reaching health benefits.

The idea of Using Miracle Berry as Sugar Replacement

Since miracle berry has a sweet feeling than artificial sweetener and sugar, there have been calls to use miracle berry as a sugar replacement. This idea was brought into public view more than fifty years ago. There has been a lot of research going into miracle berries, and miraculin and it is currently incorporated in some foods by some chefs in the USA and Japan, with time, there are signs that it would take over.





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